Education is a fundamental right in accordance with the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. UNESCO promotes universally shared values and the expression of pluralism and cultural diversity.

Our school's specific curriculum in English comprises the topics Human Rights, Intercultural Awareness, Sustainable Development/Environmental Issues, Global Development and Non-Violence Education.

School Curriculum English Regarding UNESCO

Grade  UNESCO  Projects
  5 Intercultural Awareness World language English
  Intercultural Awareness

School in England: An English School and its specific curriculum

  Intercultural Awareness An English town: Bristol
  Intercultural Awareness Merry Christmas - Christmas in Britain
6 Intercultural Awareness Comparison: German and British cities
  Intercultural Awareness  A traditional story: The legend of Owen and King Arthur
  Intercultural Awareness  Bonfire Night
  Intercultural Awareness Festivals: Thanksgiving, Diwali
  Human Rights   Text: New home, new friends - against prejudices
  Sustainable Development/ Environmental Issues  Tomorrow's World
  • The Green Game
  • It isn't far? - Take the car!
  • Recycling in Chester
  • Planning an environmental-friendly house
  • Household waste
  • Environment network
  Sustainable Development/ Environmental Issues Britain and the Sea Animals in danger: The National Seal Sanctuary
 7 Global Development BBC's 'Our Heroes Special' - Everyday heroes
  Intercultural Awareness Comparing timetables
  Intercultural Awareness   Wales Scotland London Taking the underground
  Human Rights    The Big Issue: Homeless people
  Intercultural Awareness, Human Rights/Non-violence Education All British!
  • The Mela - Europe's biggest Asian festival
  • Immigration
  • Against racism
  • 'I Felt like a Monster' (An interview with Meera Syal, author of 'Anita and Me')
  • Coloured - What do kids think about colour?
 8 Intercultural Awareness The United States of America: Are your preconceptions right?
  Intercultural Awareness         Florida: Miami - sunny side up ... and in the shadows
  Intercultural Awareness/Human Rights Mexican Americans - Hispanics
  Intercultural Awareness/Human Rights Alaska - the Great Land
  • Native peoples of Alaska
  • Traditions of the Inupiaq
  Environmental Issues    Whaling
  Intercultural Awareness/Human Rights               Project: Native Americans
    Asian Americans: The Truongs
  Intercultural Awareness Valentine's Day
  Human Rights/Intercultural Awareness   New York - Gateway to America
  • The immigration process
  • Multicultural societies
  • Jewish Americans
  Global Development Is it important to be popular?
  Human Rights Black America
  • Slavery
  • Racism
  • The Klu Klux Klan
  • The Civil Rights Movement
  • Black Music
 9 Intercultural Awareness   An exchange visit: The English way of talking
  Global Development Talking about prejudices
  Non-violence Education Crime: Bag-snatching, bullying, shoplifting, vandalism
  Global Development Take the friendship pledge
  Intercultural Awareness Australia 
  Intercultural Awareness Up from Down Under: An Australian map of the world
  Human Rights The stolen generation: Aborigines
  Global Development Looking ahead: A future family
  Environmental Issues/Sustainable Development Future food and genetic engineering
  Environmental Issues/Sustainable Development Future planet: Your ecological footprint
  Non-violence Education The troubles in Northern Ireland
  Non-violence Education Text 'Confession'
10 Global Development/Intercultural Awareness Lingua franca: English as a world language
  Intercultural Awareness 'Simon's World, Sonia's World' - differences beween young people in Europe and in India
  Global Development The Global Village - technology and people
  Global Development Getting along ...at home, ...in groups (role-play activity), ...in society 
  Human Rights Stopping the death penalty: Text 'Making a difference'
  Environmental Issues 'The Fight for the Amazon' by Sting 
  Global Development Text 'Visit to a Small Planet'
  Non-violence Education Reading a novel, for example: 'The Witchfinder'


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